God is a Creative

As I overlook the Zambezi River

All I see is the wondrous beauty the Earth has bestowed;

I bask in the surreal splendor that surrounds us

And listen to nature composing the land’s grand opus

The sounds of whispering trees and burbling Zambezi streams,

God is a creative!

Shimmering expanse, mercurial waves spark

The Victoria Falls is an intriguing display of beauty

Grandeurs, Majestic and Dazzling

Escaping droplets explode into a rainforest

Rainbows sprout everywhere

Cascading water, soft clouds and breathtaking views

God is a creative!

The wildlife is a chain of artistry displayed

Barred with electric tremors the zebra parade their stripes

The long-necked giraffe gracefully models across the grasslands

Resilient elephant spray themselves with water

The lion roars a loud rumble from its core

God is a creative!

Sun burning the arid safari plains,

Dusty tracks on a dry savannah.

Burnt orange skies capture the sun

Hour glass empties on the exploding sun,

As the horizon catches fire in scarlet flames

And the Zimbabwean sunset casts silhouettes

Of the giraffes and elephants and the acacia


God is a creative!

As I overlooked the Zambezi River was inspired and reminded that its no coincidence the way nature is. God is a creative and I must embrace the creativity I have and put it in writing.

Indeed God is a creative

Written by Nesu Musa


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