Embrace your inner childhood

I have been on a change of perspective and how important it is to change your outlook to see the joy in life. The other day I was on Pinterest and I saw a quote about embracing your inner childhood and it got me thinking. It said:

This quote delighted my heart because it says don’t worry too much, just embrace life be like a child again. I had one of the best childhoods. I had a treehouse, a swimming pool , swings, we even had a tarzan swing to go across the yard. I had all sorts of pets from dogs to silk worms to fish to chickens and ducks. We had enough pets to have a pet grave yard.

Being a child means being care free, no worries just living in the moment embracing the things you love. I particularly enjoyed reading in the tree house away from everyone and I was passionate about making fake food. Maybe that is where I got my creativity and flair for cooking.

I still love candy floss and jumping castles, ice cream cakes, animals, swings and all those things I enjoyed as a child. Maybe instead of stressing about adulthood we need to start living like children again.

Was talking to a friend and we were discussing how to create a fantasy day. What would this dream day look like and I said it would probably entail playing with mud and making mud cakes in a tree house. Or reading a book in a creative space with a cute puppy.

As I have been on a joy mantra, I feel embracing your inner childhood is key to having a happy life. Children are often carefree, very few stresses. Tears one minute and giggles the next. No carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Maybe you didn’t have a great childhood, maybe it was hard growing up. I encourage you to recreate your life now, how would a happy childhood look like to you? Re-do life and fill it up with things that you bring joy.

A study says children laugh 300-400 times a day yet adults only laugh 17-25 times a day. We need to laugh more and stay in positive light.

Maybe this verse depicts that in all areas we must be like little children. Love and be carefree like them

I always love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Remember a happy heart can help you heal. Light, Love and Peace to you

Written By Nesu. Musa

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  1. This was a great read 🤍

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  2. dianamudz says:

    I can totally relate, we dreamed big and were fearless when we were kids. 💕

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  3. ChiStenala says:

    Children are just blessed for real and thanks for that encouragement. I am really going to so relive my childhood. Surprisingly I have been doing that this past week with my girls just felt like doing things they like doing. It’s been so much 😊 fun.

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  4. Peter says:


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