Shower Trauma

When I moved into my current flat, the shower had no shower-head. Firstly I judged the person who stayed before me- seriously she took her shower-head with her. (A year later I ask for her forgiveness, as I understand her better.) Lesson one– dont judge people FULL STOP!

After realizing I had no showerhead I asked housekeeping to provide me with one and they did. Since the installation every shower I had was pure drama. The bathroom floor would be soaked with water, or the water would be hitting my windows and I would wonder why or how?

Half the time I would be playing dodgeball in the shower because it would go in all directions. After suffering I asked housekeeping to come fix it, they came twice or three times but after fixing it, it would revert to its usual drama.

A year later, after so much shower trauma. I decided, maybe I should just buy a new shower-head. So off I went to Halsteads (one of my happy shops). I got there, had budgeted at least $30 for a shower head.

To my surprise the cheapest one was $7US and the more expensive one was like $20 US. I eventually settled for the one for $10US. I called housekeeping they removed their shower-head and installed my new one. Now I am having the best showers ever, no playing dodgeball or having to mop the whole bathroom.

I laugh at myself every time, I am enjoying my shower because I suffered for a year yet I could have liberated myself with a $10 shower head. Honestly! Lesson two sometimes you suffer when the solution is right in front of you.

After experiencing the joy of my shower-head, I am hundred percent sure, I will also pack it away when I leave- but I will write the new tenant a note to tell them to just buy a new shower- head.

Lessons from this; dont judge before you know the full story. Be kind to yourself dont suffer unnecessarily.

Written by:

Nesu.Musa ♡

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